Mahomie High

Japanese Mahomies, this way!

Sophomore Membership

Sophomores get everything in the Freshman package:

-Access to the online fan club
- Pre Sale Tickets
- Pre Sale VIPs
- Access to exclusive contests
- Access to exclusive content
- Access to exclusive meet and greet giveaways
- Mahomie High Digital ID Card
- Exclusive Fan Club Video Chats

-Mahomie High Hall Pass (laminate w/lanyard)
-Exclusive Fan Club Poster
-Mahomie High Notebook with Welcome Letter
-Mahomie High Bookmark

"Available to Mahomies of all ages!"

Tickets and vip packages are available on a first-come first-serve basis and are not gauranteed.

During pre-sales, all relevant codes are posted to your account dashboard.

All Sales Final.

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